SecTools Podcast – Episode #50

Conversation with Angelina Tsuboi about SatIntel, Fly Catcher and Aerospace Security.

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Angelina Tsuboi is an aerospace cybersecurity instructor focusing on satellite systems. With over a decade of programming and development experience in addition to being a scientific researcher for NASA, she has been involved in various CubeSat initiatives where she participated in tasks related to command and data handling subsystems and firmware development for the Onboard Computer

Driven by her passion for teaching, Angelina finds joy in simplifying complex subjects such as aerospace, cybersecurity, and programming to empower her students, Angelina focuses on ensuring that her students can readily apply the acquired skills to their professional and personal endeavors.

She recently founded Stellaryx Labs, a startup that provides high quality training, consulting, education, and development services at the nexus of software, security, and aerospace

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