SecTools Podcast – Episode #48

Conversations with Abhisek Datta about null swachalit, opensource software security, and VET.

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Abhisek Datta is an accomplished security professional with over a decade of experience in information security solution engineering, services, vulnerability research, reverse engineering and security tools development.

He is an active participant of NULL Security Community, India’s largest open security community as a core team member responsible for technology development. He is an open source enthusiast and He authored swachalit, the automation Platform that hosts and also contributed to several opensource projects.

As a security researcher, he is credited with multiple vulnerability discovery across enterprise products with CVEs to his name such as CVE- 2015-0085, CVE-2015-1650, CVE-2015-1682, CVE-2015-2376, CVE-2015-2555, CVE-2014-4117, CVE- 2014-6113.

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