SecTools Podcast – Episode #38

Conversation with Alexandre Dulaunoy and Raphaël Vinot about Pandora and MISP.

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Alexandre Dulaunoy leads the Luxembourgian Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) CIRCL in the research and operational fields. He enjoys working on projects that blend “free information,” innovation, and direct social improvement. When not gardening binary streams, he likes facing the reality of ecosystems while gardening plants or doing photography. He enjoys it when humans use machines in unexpected ways. He also a core contributor to many open source projects such as MISP, ail-framework, cve-search and many others.

Raphaël Vinot is a security researcher at the Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL) since 2012. Raphaël wants to increase the IT consciousness of the human beings populating the internet in order to make it safer for everyone. His day job is a mixture of forensic and malware analysis with a lot of Python on top of it to glue all the pieces together. He loves sharing and thinks everyone should contribute to open source projects.

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