SecTools Podcast – Episode #34

Conversation with Lukas Rist about multiple honeypot projects including Conpot, Snare, and Glastopf.

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Lukas Rist authored several open source honeypot projects. After spending a couple of years studying mathmatics and physics, Lukas ventured out to work with Bing and Microsoft Research on making the web a safer place, got payed by DARPA to hunt hackers and taught students in Taiwan open source security.

His passion for security and open source got nurtured by The Honeynet Project which lead to a five year stint with Norman Shark, Blue Coat, and Symantec, working on large scale malware analysis and behavioral detection systems.

Looking for more purpose, he worked as Senior Software Engineer at Corti, doing real time emergency call classification, striving to build a great engineering team and making sure those tensors keep flowing in order to classify life threatening situations.

Currently Lukas is working as Lead Software Engineer with the world largest online wine retail platform Vivino. His team build personalization, recommendation, and prediction systems. In his free time he is working on various open source projects.

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