Kai Jern Lau talks about his work on Qiling Framework.

SecTools Episode 19 with Kai Jern Lau

Kai Jern Lau
  • Posed on

    Apr 20, 2020

Kai Jern (xwings), is Lab Director of The ShepherdLab, of JD Security. His research topic mainly on embedded device, hardware security, blockchain security, reverse engineering and various security topics. He presented his findings in different international security conferences like Defcon, HITB, Codegate, QCon, KCon, Brucon, H2HC and etc. He conducted hardware Hacking course in various places around the globe. He is also the owner of hackersbadge.com, actively involved in Unicorn (https://unicorn-engine.org) development and founder of Qiling Framework (https://qiling.io)

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