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Mohammed A. Imran talks about some of his works in DevSecOps and DevSecOps-Studio project.

SecTools Episode 12 with Mohammed A. Imran

Mohammed A. Imran
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    Dec 22, 2018

Mohammed A. “secfigo” Imran is the Founder and CTO of Eracorp Technologies/Practical DevSecOps and a seasoned security professional with 8 years of experience in helping organisations with their Information Security Programs. He has a diverse background in R&D, consulting and product-based industries with a passion to solve complex security programs. Imran is the founder of Null Singapore, the largest information security community in Singapore where he has organised more than 60 events & workshops to spread security awareness.

He was also nominated as a community star for being the go-to person in the community whose contribution and knowledge sharing has helped many professionals in the security industry. He is usually seen speaking and giving trainings in conferences like Blackhat, DevSecCon, AppSec, All Day DevOps, Nullcon and many other international conferences.

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