Topics and Guests

How can I be a guest on the show?

Please just send us an email to shows [at] arresteddevops [dot] com or fill out the contact form with your name and the topic you would like to talk about on the show! The more details you have about your idea, the better!

How can I suggest a topic for the show?

Again, email or the contact form work great. You can also suggest them to us via twitter

Event Media Sponsorship

What do I get out of having ADO be a media sponsor for my event?

We will mention your event on episodes leading up to it, along with the URL for registration (likely provided via a shortURL for easy remembering) and we will also tweet about your event (with the discount code) and promote the event via the drawing/contest by which we give away the ticket(s) you provided.

What do I need to provide to ADO in exchange for media sponsorship?

  1. Display the ADO logo on your event’s page as a “media sponsor” along with whatever else you do with media sponsors on marketing materials for your event.
  2. Provide ADO with a discount code for your event. The amount of discount must be 20%. Please also use the discount code ADO2018, as it gets confusing for our listeners if there are multiple codes across events.
  3. OPTIONAL Provide ADO with at least one free ticket to your event that we will give away via a contest of some kind to a listener.

If you want to set this up, send us an email at shows [at] arresteddevops [dot] com.

Sponsoring Arrested DevOps

I’m interested in having my company or organization sponsor ADO. What do I get out of sponsorship?

  1. An approximately 30 second message read during the episode (we don’t hold you tight to the length, just something that sounds not too awkward and long). You can provide a different creative for each episode if you want.
  2. A landing page to whatever URL you specify. This landing page is consistent (i.e., would always point to whatever URL you specify, it shouldn’t change per-episode. The reason for this is because the short landing page is memorable for people who are listening, and not clicking on links, etc)
  3. A thank you/shout out on the episode page on our site, including a banner if you would like.
  4. A thank you/shout out tweet for each episode (and a thank you at the end of the episode)

How much does sponsorship cost?
We provide single episode pricing, as well as 6 or 12 pack episode packages for a discounted rate. We also will discuss a per-conversion package with you as well. Email us at shows [at] arresteddevops [dot] com for details.